Shauna & Rob’s Wedding

Shauna and Rob got married on July 11th 2009 at Raven’s Lodge on Mount Washington. They are truly beautiful people and the theme of their wedding was a fitting celebration of ‘living laughing and loving’. 










Photography was courtesy of the girls at Out There Photography. Here are some of their beautiful shots…

Check out the size of the bridal party!


New Business Cards

We’ve got new cards! Thanks to Aimee OBoyle at Creative Montage for the beautiful design! 


Bridal Kits

Check out the cute little wedding day kits the bride and groom receive with any coordination package. Mints, lint rollers, black socks, chocolate….. 

And the large tackle box is our wedding emergency kit. Complete with everything to fix anything on the day-of. 

Sponges that remove deodorant from clothes, sewing supplies, blister pads, snacks, advil, static guard, tissues, nail gule…. we’ve got it all. 



Brittany & Jeff’s Wedding

Time for some blog updating! I’m still hoping to change the appearance, but I’m so clueless when it comes to wordpress…  Here are some overdue posts. 

Brittany and Jeff opted for an afternoon wedding in May. The reception was on Miracle Beach in Campbell River. Congrats to both of you!









Gia Graham Fall 2009 Color Predictions


Today’s post is from the talented Gia Graham from Betsywhite Stationery. It showcases her predictions for popular wedding color palettes for this coming Fall. 

Fall 2009 Colors







Burnt Sienna: A deepened, earthy shade of orange, reminiscent of an autumn sunset.

Iron: Color experts are calling Iron “the new black”. Neither gray nor brown, Iron is a grounding color that coordinates well with other Fall hues. 

Honey Yellow: More subdued than Spring’s vibrant Mimosa yellow, this shade carries yellow through to fall and winter with its golden tones. 

Nomad: This shade bridges the gap between beige and light gray, and serves as a timeless neutral.

Majolica Blue: A deep mysterious blue with more vibrancy than the usual navy. Majolica Blue has a certain exotic flair to the group.

Warm Olive: An unexpected, “tangy”, rich yellow-green. When combined, this intriguing hue makes other Fall colors come alive.

4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner


1. You Can Save a Great Deal of Money

Since wedding planners are often seen as another wedding expense, most people are not aware that you can actually save a lot of money by hiring one. The truth is though, that wedding planners have access to special industry discounts with florists, caterers, bands, and almost every other service that you will need for your wedding.

A wedding planner also knows all of the options that are available to you, including the ones that may not be well known, which means they can find you a better deal on almost anything you might need. The information and discounts that a planner can provide, can easily shave 10-20 percent off of your wedding costs, more than making them worth the money.

2. They Save You Time

The only thing that might be better than a wedding planner saving you money, is the fact that they save you time. They can line up viewings, trials, and rehearsals at the drop of a hat, and all you will need to do is show up and make the decisions. They can also help you to make hard decisions or suggest colors and themes when you are stumped. There business is weddings, and their goal is to make yours the best it can be.

3. They are Well Organized and Eliminate Stress

Wedding planners tend to be well organized, and they can instantly give you the information that you need regarding anything you might need to know about your wedding. This organization can help to keep you calm and stress free. Without the stress, you can stand back and enjoy the process of planning the minute details of your wedding.

4. You Rule the Roost

Many people also put off hiring a wedding planner because they believe that they will have no say in the wedding preparations. This is only a myth though, and the truth is that a wedding planner only makes arrangements and suggestions, the decisions are completely yours to make though. In fact, it is likely that during this planning period of your marriage, you and your wedding planner will grow to be close friends.

There are many advantages to hiring a wedding planner that makes them well worth the expense. Not only can the save you money, time, and eliminate stress, but they are a shoulder to lean on during one of the most hectic times of your life. A wedding planner takes the problems away, and makes wedding planning a fun and enjoyable experience.

Stefanie and Mark

Stefanie & Mark were so great to work for. Their December 19th wedding was a winter wonderland theme at Campbell River’s Oyster Bay Resort. I did the day of decorating in a beautiful blue and silver color scheme. See what Stefanie had to say about us here.

Photo’s by Vancouver photographer L S Photography. 









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